Firearm Refinishing
Firearm Refinishing

Our firearm refinishing includes cleaning, lubricating, adding a protective finish, we prefer KG Gunkote, engraving and/ or adding a film-like design with cerakote.

Clean and Oil
Clean & Oil

Gun cleaning is the life of your gun and maybe your own. Dirty guns can malfunction when you need them the most.

KG Gunkote
KG Gunkote

KG Gunkote is our preferred way of protecting firearms. This coating is thin, heat tolerant, wear resistant and stays on even when you use chemical cleaners.

Camo Firearm Finish

Cerakote has all the attributes of Gunkote, but it comes in many designs and colors; camo, flags, emblems, blended colors and more!


At Mid Georgia Gunsmithing, we protect your firearm's steel through parkerizing. This method reduces corrosion and increases the steel's resistance to wear after applying a chemical phosphate conversion.